Preparatory reading

The participants are strongly encouraged to read the following articles as an introduction to the subjects taught at the school.

General Cosmology

Perturbation theory basics

Cosmic Microwave Background

Lecture materials

Here are listed both references of literature followed by lecturers and the Slides of electronic presentations.

Cosmological perturbation theory

Cosmic Microwave Background

Large scale structure

The slides from the course:


The Mathematica file for the xPand course can be downloaded from here.


The asignments from lecturers are as follows:

Karim Malik

Pedro Carrilho

Alejandro Avilés and Juan Carlos Hidalgo

The solutions will have to be emailed to by Thursday 11th of August. The student with the highest grade will be invited to take part in the School of Numerical Simulations in Cosmology, to take part this October in Mexico City, and will acknowledged in the annals of history of Mexican cosmology… (!)


The following software will be used during the courses. We strongly recommend that the students install these programs beforehand.

  • Mathematica
  • xAct (Free and supported by all systems)
  • xPand (Free package, not included with xAct but runs within it)